U.S.S. Discovery NCC-1031 Qraftworks Ship Model Puzzle Kit (Star Trek: Discovery)

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  • Black alert! Build your own model as if it were a 3D puzzle...
  • ... and add it to a fleet of ships. Perhaps you could call such an assemblage a PuzzleFleet?
  • Design replicated from Star Trek: Discovery visual effects assets.
  • Foam core interlocking puzzle. No cutting, no gluing, no painting. 
  • 65 parts! Estimated build time is 2 hours.
  • Final model measures: 10.5in x 6.5in x 4in (26.6cm x 16.51cm x 10.3cm)
  • 3.14in x 8.26in x 5.51in part sheet (8cm - 21cm x 14cm part sheet)
  • Item shown is a render. The final product may differ in appearance.
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Collectible Story

The dream of building your very own starfleet is at last within your grasp, thanks to QMx’s Qraftworks: The 3D papercraft model kits that let you build and collect your favorite people, places and things. 

With Qraftworks Star Trek PuzzleFleet you can construct the vessels of the starfaring races of the Federation and beyond. No cutting, gluing or painting are involved: Qraftworks’ full color foam core pieces come precision cut and ready to be assembled.

Developed using Star Trek: Discovery’s special effects models, the U.S.S. Discovery Qraftworks model kit consists of 65 parts that form a beautiful replica measuring over 10 inches long. The Discovery also comes with a stand and dedication plaque, ready for display. All for a mere $14.95 retail.

The Discovery joins a fleet consisting of eight ships - and more to come. With an average build time of two hours, the U.S.S. Discovery will make a great project to build solo or with family and friends of all ages.

Item shown is a render.  The final product may differ in appearance.