Type I Hand Phaser Metal Bottle Opener (Star Trek: The Original Series)

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  • A great conversation starter for those Thanksgiving celebrations: "Is that a phaser in your pocket, or are you happy to see me?"
  • Oh, so it is a phaser... and it cracks open a cold one. 
  • Heavy duty metal bottle opener in the shape of a Type 1 phaser, like those used by landing parties during missions where discretion is preferred. This includes Christmas parties aboard the Enterprise where one may celebrate Noel.
  • Measures 4 x 2 x 1in (10.16 x 5.08 x 2.54 cm) and weights about 0.5 lbs (0.23 kg).
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Collectible Story

Whether you’re on a home or away mission, this opener is set to stun any bottle within proximity of its range! Careful, too many direct shots have been known to cause moments of unconsciousness to most humanoids!

This heavy duty bottle opener is cast in zinc alloy and is based on the classic Hand Phaser from Star Trek The Original Series.