Star Trek: The Original Series Tarot Card Game (80 Card Deck with Tutorial and Historical Reference)

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  • Officially-licensed Star Trek Tarot deck PLUS 120-page Tutorial and Historical booklet.
  • Each card is uniquely illustrated with a key component from each episode of Star Trek: The Original Series, featuring unique characters, situations, entities, and more. So, collectible -- even if you aren't a tarot player.
  • Professionally printed on durable casino-quality cards in a borderless Tarot-size format: 2.75 x 4.75 in (70 x 121 mm).
  • Sturdy two-part storage box for protection when not in use.
  • 80 cards total -- 78 cards (1 for each episode), PLUS 2 bonus cards featuring Star Trek's first pilot, "The Cage."
  • Historical tutorial booklet includes the history of Tarot with modern interpretations, rules of Tarot, and how it all ties with Star Trek
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Collectible Story

The ancient Tarot deck has 78 cards, each rich with layers of historical meaning. Star Trek aired 78 original episodes in its initial run. This first-of-its-kind deck bridges the centuries to match every classic Star Trek episode one-to-one with its corresponding Tarot card, and presents the originally-unaired Star Trek pilot film ("The Cage") on two bonus cards. It is an official Star Trek product, licensed by CBS.

Every STAR TREK TAROT card features:

  • An iconic scene illustrated from its Star Trek episode
  • Its traditional Tarot name and initial interpretation keywords
  • Suit symbols with canonical Star Trek ship silhouettes
  • Symbols for additional esoteric Tarot associations
  • Its Star Trek episode title, order, stardate and airdate
  • Borderless full Tarot sized card (2.75" x 4.75", 70mm x 121mm)
  • Professionally printed durable casino-quality cards

CARD TREK: From the Trionfi to the 23rd Century is a 120-page companion tutorial, covering:

  • The history of the Tarot and guide to its modern interpretations
  • The rules for European Tarot card games
  • Explanations of how the traditional Tarot meanings of each card align with the story of its corresponding Star Trek episode
  • Simple interpretive spread examples for beginning Tarot readers
  • Esoteric Tarot association symbol keys and tables

STAR TREK TAROT with Tutorial comes with:

  • A complete 80-card STAR TREK TAROT deck
  • A sturdy two-part storage box
  • A paperback copy of the companion tutorial CARD TREK: From the Trionfi to the 23rd Century
  • All cards, tutorial and packaging printed in the US

Made by Fans for Fans

STAR TREK TAROT was originally created by fans for fans. We matched the 78 Tarot cards one-to-one with the original 78 aired Star Trek episodes, and added the initially unaired pilot episode on two bonus cards. Those first few STAR TREK TAROT decks were just handmade sets, with simple DVD framegrabs and overlaid text, printed poker-sized on cheap cardstock, and given out at Christmas to a few Tarot friends and Star Trek friends who we knew would appreciate them. We thought that would be that. But we were soon besieged with requests for where we had bought them, wanting more so that they could give some to their friends. Surprised that they were our own handmade cards, they urged us to turn them into a fully professional product and sell it for real.

It took us years to get there. We worked with Tarot experts to hone the deck to honor the layers of traditional and modern Tarot associations. We worked with artists to create original Star Trek imagery for each card in a style that is both appropriate for a Tarot deck, and not caricatured or cartoony but respectful representations of the original episode scenes. We worked with professional printers to insure the highest card quality. And we worked with the studio to meet all of their product design, licensing, packaging and advertising standards.

We’re proud to present a product of a high enough quality that WE would want to buy it. STAR TREK TAROT is not a joke deck or a gag gift. It’s a serious product that shows deep respect to the Tarot and to Star Trek.

By the way, the starfield and nebula featured on our card backs (and our top banner here) is real! Sometimes life really does imitate art. Check out the Hubble Variable Nebula.