Star Trek: The Next Generation Type-3 Phaser Rifle Scaled Prop Replica

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  • For use against Borg or Dominion forces (assuming they're fictional and scaled appropriately).
  • Metal construction with intricate details. No cheapo-3D prints here.
  • Collectible collector's packaging.
  • Display stand for shelf-friendliness.
  • Display-friendly sizing at 7in (178mm) in length.
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Prop Story

A high quality, officially licensed scaled prop replica of the Phaser Rifle from Star Trek.

This stunning 7-inch heavy duty scaled prop replica is moulded out of solid metal, comes in collector packaging and features a display stand.

Expanding the pop-culture collecting experience with this Scaled Prop Replica line, all Scaled Prop Replicas are available at an entry-level, affordable price while not skimping on the fine details that collectors have come to expect from full scale replicas. Collect them all (and save shelf-space while doing it)!


  • Scaled Prop Phaser Replica -- 7” x 1" x 0.2" (178 x 25.4 x 5mm)