Star Trek - The Next Generation Type-2 Dust Buster Phaser Limited Edition Prop Replica (Estimated June/July 2023 Shipping)

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  • Before there had been the Dyson hand vacuum, there was the Dust Buster! 
  • Stunning real-world look and feel -- lights, sounds, and heavy diecast metal. No cheapo-3D prints here.
  • Re-create the scene where Tasha Yar gets whacked by an oil slick--as this replica is just as effective in real-life as it was on Armus in "Skin of Evil."
  • Presentation case for collectors who like classy presentation of their replicas from the final frontier.
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  • Warning: This is not a toy! This is a collectible, intended only for adults physically aged 18 years and older. It is intended for display only and should be treated with respect, even if it looks like it should be sucking crumbs from the backseat of your car. All photos are prototype images. Final product and packaging may vary.

Prop Story

As seen in the iconic TV series Star Trek: The Next Generation, Type-2 Phasers were issued to Starfleet personnel during the early 2360’s and are larger and more powerful than Type-1 Phasers. Unofficially referred to by production as "The Dust Buster," they were intentionally designed to be sleek, free-flowing and less pistol-like than previous prop Starfleet weapon iterations.

Many different Dust Buster Phaser props were made and they ranged from fairly primitive non-functioning ‘stunt’ props, to more elaborate ‘hero’ props featuring functioning electronics. Featuring an impressively heavy all metal body, this replica has been designed to capture the best elements from all variants in a single blended execution and incorporate a variety of electronic light and sound features designed to simulate the special effects as seen on screen.

Each numbered, limited edition, museum-quality replica comes with a wooden presentation case, metal plaque and certificate of authenticity.


  • Type 2 Dust Buster Phaser -- 8¼ x 3 x 1 3/4” (209 x 76 x 44mm)
  • Display Box — 11 x 6¼ x 3½” (279 x 158 x 76mm)
  • Requires 2 x AAA batteries, which are included.