Star Trek: The Next Generation Type-1 Cricket Phaser Limited Edition Prop Replica (Pre-Order Delivery Oct/Nov 2022)

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  • Have phaser, will travel! (Are we hearing crickets on that one? Eh? Ok, how about "Small, yet mighty?" No?)
  • Stunning real-world look and feel -- lights, sounds, and heavy diecast metal. No cheapo-3D prints here.
  • Includes "(Shut up, Wesley) Crusher" effect to vainly cut through force-fields, as seen only in Next Generation's "The Game."
  • Presentation case for collectors who like classy presentation of their replicas from the final frontier.
  • Eligible for our Payment Plans! (Great for large purchases!)
  • Free ground shipping within the U.S.A.!

Prop Story

Packing a hefty punch inside a compact body, this 1:1 scale replica of the iconic Type-1 Cricket Phaser prop from Star Trek: The Next Generation features a variety of electronic light and sound effects neatly encased in a heavy cast metal frame.

During their long tenure, many different Cricket phaser props were made. These ranged from fairly primitive non-functioning ‘stunt’ props to quite elaborate ‘hero’ props with functioning electronics. As is normal for productions, a number of modifications and changes were made to the different props over the course of time. This replica has been designed to capture the best elements of all of the variants in a single blended execution.

The replica has a variety of electronic light and sound features designed to simulate the special effects seen on screen, including both effects featured in the hero props and effects added in post-production, as well as a ‘Crusher’ mode effect seen only in the episode ‘The Game.'

Each numbered, limited edition, museum-quality replica comes with a wooden presentation case, metal plaque and a certificate of authenticity/prop story booklet and will make a fine addition to any Star Trek collection.


  • Type 1 Cricket Phaser -- 3 x 1¼ x 1” (76 x 31 x 25mm)
  • Display Box -- 6½ x 6½ x 3” (165 x 165 x 76mm)

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