Star Trek: Discovery Metal Magnetic Insignia Badge - Operations Cadet (23rd Century Version)

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  • From the 23rd century visualized in Star Trek: Discovery: the unique "split delta" badge worn by Starfleet officers is made available in the Operations Cadet division.
  • Multi-toned badge with split delta on black rectangular background, four-horizontal (broken) lines signifying the cadet's four-year tenure in the Academy, and Operations spiral insigne.
  • As worn by both Sylvia Tilly in Discovery.
  • Wearable, cosplay-ready badge with embedded magnets and glossy backplate. 
  • Design replicated from screen-used props from Star Trek: Discovery.
  • Lightweight metal alloy, clocking in at about 2 oz (56g)
  • Measures at 1.5 x 2.5 x 0.25 in (3.81 x 6.35 x 0.63 cm)
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Collectible Story

The Star Trek: Discovery Cadet Badge – as seen being worn by Cadet Sylvia Tilly - features a bronze delta with the stylized Operations spiral on a black rectangle. The four gold stripes on the badge's background indicate that Cadet Tilly is in her fourth year of training to be a Starfleet officer.

As with all of QMx's Star Trek badges, the cadet badge is an exact replica of the screen-used hero prop. In making the replica, we started with the 3D files the Discovery prop department used to create the original, then referenced the actual hero prop from the show for size, detail and color.

The result is a perfect simulation of the badge that has been approved by the show's propmaster.

The Cadet Badge includes QMx's unique magnetic clasp, which uses strong, short-field magnets embedded in the badge and the included separate backplate. No more pinholes in delicate fabric; they can even be worn on leather and suede.

Other Star Trek: Discovery magnetic insignia badges are available separately: Command, Science, Operations, Medical and Black.