*SOLD* Screen-Used STAR TREK: VOYAGER Akemi Royer "Med Tech" Costume from "Workforce"

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This is a screen-used costume from Star Trek: Voyager's seventh and final season, worn by actress Akemi Royer as an unnamed med tech in the two-part episode, "Workforce." 

As played in those episodes, Royer's character injects drugs (under the guise of radiation medicine) into Tim Russ' "Tuvok" (and other abducted persons) in order to reinforce her master's mental conditioning, thereby suppressing Tuvok's actual memories of life as a Starfleet officer on the eponymous Voyager.


Item is in screen-used condition, consisting of a tunic and pant in textured brown fabric constructed by Muto-Little of Los Angeles, custom fit to the actress. Sizing not available, but fits on a fairly standard women's female mannequin, so believed to be in the small range. 

Both tunic and pant feature hidden zippers: the tunic features a hidden mostly-full zip that stops about an inch or so short of the hem and, when fully zipped, the zipper pull itself is hidden behind two hook-and-eye clasps at the neck opening to complete the illusion of a zipper-less tunic. The corresponding pant features much the same, using hook and bar clasps to hide the zipper pull. Further, both tunic and pant feature sewn in fabric tags: a printed "Voyager" tag with hand-written "Rhonda Thompson" underneath, a Muto-Little of Los Angeles embroidered tag, and a hand-written tag (faded writing) with the mis-spelling of the actress' name written as "Ameki Royer".

Neither pant nor tunic feature pockets, although the tunic features two faux pocket flaps to provide the illusion of pockets at the waist.  

Item believed to be first auctioned off by It's A Wrap circa 2007, as recorded by the Star Trek Auction Listings archive. IAW Lot # 3398. Original sale price: $102.50 USD (circa 2007 CE), accounting for inflation $126.75 USD in 2020 CE dollars.


Lot includes:
  • One (1) tunic (as pictured).
  • One (1) pant (as pictured).
  • One (1) clear plastic garment bag (not pictured).
  • One (1) plastic clothes hanger (not pictured).
No paperwork of any kind is included. Sold as-is.

Mannequin is not included, for it is used solely to display the item for pictorial purposes.