Ruby's Demon-Killing Knife Prop Replica (Supernatural)

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  • The signature demon-killing knife first introduced in Supernatural's third season, wielded by Ruby and later wielded by the Winchester's throughout the series' run.
  • First time offered as a licensed replica from the long-running hit series Supernatural!
  • Real metal blade and tang.
  • Intricately detailed, replicated features from prop reference provided by Warner Bros. Studios.
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Prop Story

One of the most signature weapons used against the forces of darkness is now available for the first time as a licensed prop replica. The Demon-Killing knife, a.k.a. Ruby's Knife, was first introduced in Season 3 of Supernatural and is wielded by Ruby, a demon who for a time is allied with Sam and Dean Winchester. Ruby uses the weapon to dispatch demons with ease in her mission to earn the trust of Sam, who will eventually possess the blade when Ruby's treachery is revealed. 

Paragon FX Group has recreated Ruby's Knife using never before seen prop reference provided by Warner Bros. Studios. Featuring a real metal blade and tang along with a detailed rendition of stag horn handle, this is sure to be the centerpiece of any hunters collection.