Rocinate XL Ship Model (The Expanse)

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The Rocinante ship from the brand-new The Expanse Official Collection of Ships is now available in an impressive XL edition - measuring over 12.8 inches in length! The Expanse Rocinante Ship Replica XL Edition is a high-quality, show-accurate model that is faithful to its onscreen appearance. The Rocinante was first seen in The Expanse, a Hugo Award-winning TV saga of conspiracy, adventure and intrigue based on James S. A. Corey's hugely popular novels. The Expanse has captured audiences around the world with its gripping depiction of a Solar System driven by civil war.

The Rocinante played a key role in the adventures of Captain James Holden's crew across the Solar system in the smash-hit The Expanse series. Originally a Corvette-class light frigate named the Tachi (ECF 270), the Rocinante was renamed by Captain James Holden who used it to escape the MCRN flagship where it had been stationed. Armed with point defense cannons and torpedoes, then later modified to carry a spinal railgun, this versatile Martian vessel became a home to Holden and his ragtag crew.

Product features:

• First XL edition in collection
• Length: 12.8 inches long
• Screen-accurate detail
• Class: Corvette
• Official The Expanse collectible
• Produced in die-cast and high-quality ABS Plastic
• An essential addition to your collection of ships from The Expanse!

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