Razorback Ship Model (The Expanse)

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The Expanse Razorback ship is the next release in the collection of ships from the gripping sci-fi television series, The Expanse!

A sleek ship with oversized engines and a stripped-down frame, The Expanse Razorback Ship is a modified Series 6 Sunflare model – optimized for speed, and built for racing. Famously piloted by Julie Mao, the wedge-shaped Razorback earned fame across the system by setting new records as part of the Mao-Kwikowski Mercantile Transplanetary Race Team, owned by her father – the powerful CEO Jules-Pierre Mao.

When Julie rebelled against her wealthy family to join the Outer Planets Alliance, she was forced to leave the Razorback behind. However, the stylish racing pinnace was hijacked by Bobbie Draper – who soon joined up with the Rocinante, and eventually renamed the Razorback to the Screaming Firehawk.

The symbols on the Razorback's fuselage represent the history of flight; from Icarus and the Wright Brothers through to the Epstein Drive and the Razorback itself.

Product features:

• Produced in Die-cast and high-quality ABS Plastic
• Length: 7 inches long
• Weight: 100g

Continue building your collection of screen-accurate model ships, such as The Expanse Razorback Ship, from the Hugo Award-winning TV series. Inspired by a saga of conspiracy, adventure and intrigue based on James S. A. Corey's hugely popular novels, The Expanse Ship Model Collection features high detailed ship model built to impress avid collectors and fans alike.