Naval Jacket Turn Clasp

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This is a naval jacket turn clasp, which as been reengineered to today's standards by top-tier mechanical manufacturers and constructed of solid zinc alloy (instead of stamped-out metals that can oxidize)! 

Each clasp assembles into two distinct pieces, the turn clasp itself and the rectangular "eyelet" for use on items that need strapping down! The turn clasp has two modes: locked and unlocked. An internal mechanism inside the clasp keeps the swivel head in place. 

This piece has overall size of approx. 29mm x 20mm x 18mm.

Installation is a breeze, using small Phillips head screws for secure installation. This allows for ease of maintenance on any garment, as components can be removed prior to cleaning (depending on how they are integrated into your garment or other accessory). 

Basic instructions are included to guide assembly. 

This polished silver contrasts well against bold colors, such as black and maroon fabrics, to give that monster pop for construction of jackets and other Horatio Hornblower-esque naval garments.