Naval Commendation Pips & Squeaks

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Festoon your uniform, other apparel, or collector's display with decorative various Commendation pips & squeaks. 

A festive set of accouterments for all seasons, these pins come in various styles and configurations. 

Pro Tip: The Starter Assortment is a great way to get started--and if you need more, then the individual pin pairs are a great way to expand.


  • Round-ribbed faceted pins available in two styles: round "pip" and elongated "squeak."
  • Alternate "Delta pip" with round-ribbed facets offered in two exciting styles:
    • Pip with "delta arrowhead" symbol and rim.
    • Pip with "delta arrowhead" symbol without outer rim, to be available at a later time. (Not pictured yet, either.)
  • All pin styles are offered as pairs (2 pcs per set). Pins are NOT sold individually.
  • Offered as mixed bundle sets -- the best way to get more bang for your buck!
  • Free shipping within the U.S.A. for these pins. Discounted international shipping (added in "Shipping" line item for each order) offered, too!


  • Starter Assortment features a mix of 10 pins:
    • Regular Pips (4 pcs.)
    • Squeaks (4 pcs.)
    • Imitation Gold Set ONLY: Delta Pips with Rim (2 pcs.) -OR-
      Imitation Silver Set ONLY: Delta Pips without Rim (2 pcs.)
  • Comprehensive Assortment features a mix of 12 pins, to be made available at a later time:
    • Regular Pips (4 pcs.)
    • Squeaks (4 pcs.)
    • Delta Pips with Rim (2 pcs.)
    • Delta Pips without Rim (2 pcs.)