Limited Edition Robinson Family Jupiter 2 Laser Pistol Prop Replica (Lost in Space - Season 1)

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  • Danger, danger collector bank account... highly-prized, accurate licensed replica of the laser pistol used by the Robinson family aboard Jupiter 2 arriving!
  • Limited edition, numbered licensed collectible -- only 100 units to be released!
  • Fully assembled and finished prop replica, with light and sounds replicated directly from archived and available source materials.
  • Foldable sight stock, replicating original functionality from the studio prop.
  • Future proof: Programmable board accessible via USB to add additional sound clips, for further customization by end-user. 
  • Powered by 3 AAA batteries (included).
  • Constructed of resin and ABS plastic, with acrylic display stand engraved with limited edition prop's number.
  • Free shipping within the U.S.A. Discounted international shipping (added in "Shipping" line item for each order) offered, too! 

Collectible Story

As you may recall, the Robinson family faced many grave dangers in their off-road trek through the depths of cold, dark space. Facing enemies and dangers beyond all human experience, the Robinsons made use of these unique laser pistols from Jupiter 2's armory against enemies gigantic and otherwise. Enter the magnificent, terrifying world of the Robinsons as they find themselves grappling with the realities of being Lost in Space!

Using the advances in technology from fictional 20th century earth, the 21st century version of this iconic sidearm is nothing to shake a stick at. Relive the nostalgic exploits of Earth's Space Family Robinsons (and reluctant stowaway, Dr. Zachary Smith, Esq.) with this fully actualized, assembled and finished prop replica. 

As a self-respecting, fully-licensed prop replica, this Lost in Space Season 1 laser pistol features not only the physicality of the original props, but also electronic features to immerse the end-user in the Robinsons' world. Featuring programmable sounds with clips derived from archived sources, this replica can either be handled or live on its own included acrylic display stand.

This is a uniquely splendid prop representation from the 1960s landmark science fiction/fantasy event, courtesy of the imagination from the Master of Disaster, Irwin Allen. Featuring a meld of 1960s futuristic aesthetics with nods to past science fiction outings, from Forbidden Planet to Buck Rogers, this prop replica finds itself in great company with those fictional laser sidearms. 

Unlike previous iterations of the prop from earlier providers, this piece features none of the pit-falls (or pits and holes) of the cast-from-original pieces, making for a clean representation of the original prop -- as if it were freshly delivered to set on the first day of shooting!