Ghostbusters New York City Subway Map Metal Sign

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  • Know all the ins-and-outs of the first home of the Ghostbusters franchise!
  • Durable printed metal sign with pre-drilled mounting holes in each corner.
  • Intricately detailed with various in-universe references, Easter eggs, and more!
  • Measures: 14 x 10 inches (365mm x 255mm)  
  • Free U.S. shipping to Ghostbuster franchisees and adherents! Discounted shipping available to International locales.

Collectible Story

"I love this town!"

A printed metal sign, in the style of enamel transport maps. The sign features specially created artwork featuring a Ghostbusters version of the New York City service map. It's filled with Ghostbusters humor including locations like Ernie Hudson River, ALICE Pack Place, Vince Clortho Ct. and 100s more. This sign has enough detail to keep any fan amused for hours!

High quality full color printing on a pressed metal plate, suitable for indoor or outdoor use. Features 4 predrilled mounting holes in each corner. Sign measures 14 inches x 10 inches (365mm x 255mm).

We're ready to believe in you, and your ability to be 'fraid of no ghost!