Elite Flight Wing Pin

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  • Two-tone pin of metal construction, hand assembled and hand finished.
  • Digitally re-created from original artifacts.
  • Includes two locking pin keeper backs to secure pin in place for durability, with nail placements per the original artifacts.
  • Chrome polished highlights, with artifact-accurate level of subtle texturing for "gold" areas and silver back plate.
  • Laser engraved back plate for the ultimate in-universe completion, with multiple variants available.
  • Free shipping within the U.S.A.


Other knock-offs of the pin have exist, but none are as accurate or precise as this flight wing pin, worn by senior officers aboard various battlestars, from the newest Pegasus and to the oldest Galactica. Replicated to near precision from surviving artifacts, this pin wears and displays as the genuine articles produced over a decade ago. 


This Elite/Senior Qualification Flight Wing pin is worn by officers Adama, Belzen, Cain, Tigh and others of high senior rank (Commander and above), denoting their time in the Colonial Forces. 

Officers now have the option of securing their favorite character's pin with said character's identification on the reverse side.

Custom Engraving Note

For those wanting a custom engraving, please note we will reach out to you to ask for your specifications. Once you've signed off on the digital proof, custom orders then take about 6 to 8 weeks to produce and ship, as they are done in batches alongside others.