Colonial Paper Cubits (Limited Run)

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  • This is a very limited run of recreated artifacts from roughly 150,000 years ago (give or take), of each known denomination.
  • Replicated from original surviving artifacts, right down to the type of paper used and the hand-trimmed nature.
  • Printed using high-quality inks.
  • Unique paper features flecked gold, custom-made for this run.
  • Available as a collection consisting of all three denominations (100, 500, and 1000), or offered individually.
  • Kindly Be Advised: Due to hand-trimmed and uniquely printed nature, each one may be slightly different in dimensionality, texture and print. 
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Cubits makes the Colonies go 'round -- and this collectible is no exception. This is a very limited run at a great price, with exchange rates that are outta this world and time!