Classic Retro Tuck Buckle

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1970s buckles entering the 21st century — Now Shipping!
  • NEW! Available for individual sale.
    • For jackets and other garments, we suggest at least four (4) sets. Longer parka-style jackets may require at least five (5) sets of buckles.
    • Buy four (4) or more buckles to unlock discount tiers.
  • Available in imitation pale gold or silver! 
    • Sheet metal construction.
    • Uniquely weathered buckle emulating natural wear and tear.
    • Push button for easy ejection!
    • Decorative use for jackets, belts, purses, bags, and other garments!
    • Includes instructions for assembly, as well as attachment hardware (backer plate for receptacle). 
    • Bendable triangle prongs on each primary buckle component (both the receptacle and release button) for attachment to chosen fabric item. 
    • Unused excess acquired from a limited production run via 3rd party vendor.
    • Free shipping within the U.S.A.

    There are those who still believe... 

    From an era where Disco ruled supreme and everything was shinier, including a future where shiny robots might be chasing forlorn humans around the galaxy, the ultimate in push button tuck buckles launches you—when ready—into a world of luster and shine. Even the polyester fabric glistened in its plastic glory!

    These buckles are a snap, and offer people a touch of the past while embracing the future.