Captain Picard's Horag'hn 1:1 Prop Replica (Star Trek: The Next Generation)

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The Mission Brief
  • For your... Ready Room.
  • Meticulously accurate recreation of Captain Picard's Horag'hn from Risa!
  • Seen in countless episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation.
  • 3.5lb (1.59kg) statue cast in resin, from a 1st generation mould from the original master prop, and hand-painted for a faux-wood finish.
  • Measures approximately 11-1/4in. tall by 5 inches long (28.57 x 12.7 cm) and includes a certificate of authenticity.

Prop Story

From pleasure planet Risa to your collection! The original master used in production of the episode "Captain's Holiday" was utilized to make a new silicone mold, allowing recreation of the original Horga'hn exactly as it first appeared on screen. Made with the same durable polyurethane resin, this 3 1/2-pound statue is hand sanded to eliminate any hint of a seam before a faux-wood finish is applied and painted by hand to look just like the originals used in Star Trek: The Next Generation. The Star Trek: TNG Horga'hn 1:1 Scale Prop Replica measures about 11 1/4-inches tall x 5-inches long and comes with a certificate of authenticity. Now you can have a Horga'hn of your very own and announce to the world that you are seeking jamaharon!


Make it so with your Number One.