BATTLESTAR GALACTICA Medal of Distinction Prop Replica (B-Grade)

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This is a consignment item. There are multiple (yet limited) units available. Photos are representative of the general listing, and may not be the exact one you would receive. They are offered in as-is condition. Thank you.

You are looking at a replica of the metal Medal of Distinction prop from "Hero," an episode of Syfy's original re-imagining of BATTLESTAR GALACTICA. 

It is offered in as-is condition, and has only been opened for inspection and photography. It does feature minor wear and tear from being in storage for 8 frakkin' years, and some mechanical issues relating to the hinge and clasp for the wood display box. Thus, it is considered a B-grade.

Here are the particulars:
  • Officially-licensed.
  • 1:1 scale replica of Admiral William Adama's Medal of Distinction featured in Season Three's "Hero."
  • This item was a 2012 San Diego Comic Con Exclusive.  
  • All metal construction mixed with brass and aluminum. 
  • Medallion enclosed in Stained Oak Presentation Box included with "SDCC 2012 Edition" laser engraved on bottom.
  • Medallion comes on open-ended red ribbon, allowing the prop to be worn, recreating the exact experience that Adama felt when receiving the medal. (Then again, aren't they giving out medals for "good behavior" and "plays well with others" to anyone these days?) 
  • Created using exact measurements from original hero prop that was auctioned off in 2009.