BATTLESTAR PEGASUS Commander Cain Replica Metal Dog Tags

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Inspired dog tags for Commander Cain, the "Patton in Space" from the classic 1978 Battlestar Galactica. 

This inspired piece features the mix of proper artworks, size, and typeface used for the first—and arguably the definitive—batch of dog tags made for the Miniseries back in 2003, in addition to Pegasus unique "winged sword" logo from the 1978 series. This definitive article comes with a 30-inch brass ball chain upon which these two tags can hang. 

While the prop masters of the series heavily weathered the dog tags (and made them mostly of plastics to prevent the sound guys from going crazy whenever loose tags clinked together), we've provided these in pristine condition—as if these were issued by the Colonial Quartermaster themselves.

Accept no frakking substitutes. 

Prop Breakdown

This listing is for:
  • One brass ball chain, with a length of 30 in (76.2 cm).
  • Two hexagon-shaped dog tag, cut to exacting specifications as with our other dog tag releases, and laser engraved on one side in brass. Reverse side is blank.
    • One (1) dog tag for "Cain" with squadron assignment.
    • One (1) dog tag representing the battlestar Pegasus with Cain's home colony.
Each dog tag ships with a removable plastic film to prevent it from scratching in shipment, and is shipped pre-assembled and bagged in a bubble mailer via courier using parcel tracking numbers.