Battle Triad: The Futuristic Card Game

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From the far reaches of card gaming comes Battle Triad, the unique futuristic spin on your parents' card playing deck.

Re-imagined for the 21st century and beyond, this 52 card deck features a unique, custom-cut hexagon design with easy-to-understand card pictographs!

Players can be as socially distant as they want, as players can play across the panoply of single-player solitaire to multiplayer poker-style card games.

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  • 1 to 4 players - ages 18 and up. (Ages are in Earth years, not Mars years, or Uranus years, or any other years. Earth years.)
  • Not your parents' card deck! (Down with the glorification of the monarchy!)
  • Hexagons! Because it's not hip to be square. 
  • Easy-to-understand card value pictographs—icon chart (too in hexagon form) included. 
  • Color-blind friendly card suit indicators on outer edges.
  • BONUS! Custom hexagon box for easy storage! Who woulda thunk it, kiddos?