Batman's Bat-Radio Prop Replica (Batman 1966)

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  • Holy bat-prop replica, Batman!
  • Officially licensed 1:1 bat-scale replica made of resin, acrylic and brass bat-components. 
  • Features both light and sound effects, with multiple bat-voice samples from the Duynamic Duo.
  • Reenact exciting bat-scenes with your bat-imagination, same bat-time, same bat-channel.
  • (Not a functional bat-radio, so you can't spy on the Dynamic Duo. Sorry.)
  • Free shipping within the U.S.A.!

Bat-Prop Bat-Story

"Batman speaking!"

Batman (The Television Series) premiered January 12, 1966 and ran for three seasons. 

The series follows the adventures of millionaire Bruce Wayne and his ward Dick Grayson. A crime fighting duo who as, "Batman and Robin" defend Gotham City from a colorful network of archvillains. The 120th episode aired on March 14, 1968.

Throughout the series, Batman and Robin utilize a myriad of high-tech devices in their pursuit of Gotham's most villainous. Among the seemingly endless amount of gear stored within their utility belts is the Bat-Radio. Capable of clean transmission throughout Gotham, this bat shaped 2-way transceiver (walkie-talkie) insured the Dynamic-Duo were in constant communication when otherwise separated.

The original props (primarily manufactured in wood) were hand cut and adorned with collapsible brass antenna. A simple light, denoting transmission was the only other feature present on the hero models.

Paragon FX Group in association in Warner Bros. proudly presents this official replica of the Bat-Radio.

Prior to production, Paragon's staff spent months studying the history of the original props to ensure that the replica you have before you becomes a cherished part of your personal collection.

Construction is cast resin, acrylic and brass. This replica has a satisfying weight to it!  Features include a lights and sound option that can be toggled between at your discretion. The light feature at the press of a button (like the original) and for fun, we've added multiple voice samples of Batman and Robin from the show. This item does not transmit or receive radio signals. 

What'll Bat-Ship and When?!

  • Bat-Shipping November/December 2022: Bat-Radio

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