Festivus Holiday Postcard

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Are you the type of schmuck that likes sending out cards to your friends, frenmies, or foes? 

Well, go no farther (or is that further, father?), as we have you covered. 

Have us send out your Festivus Holiday Postcard for you. Just pay for postage (plus tax where applicable) and we'll do the rest.

Be sure to add their MAILING address when checking out, otherwise you'll be the recipient of the postcard! 


Oh, want to add a personalized message? Then go for the customization option, and be sure to add your customized message to be printed on the card in the NOTES section of checkout! It's a bit extra, but it's worth it.


  • Send a postcard to a schmuck. Whether you love them or not is your issue... We're don't offer psychiatry services.
  • Only pay postage (or postage plus customization fee), we're covering the rest... in the spirit of the holidays. We'll air or grievances later.
    • Note: We do collect tax in California, so... sorry Californians.
  • The cheapest gift you can give for Festivus on Sell Geek! 

    Legal Disclaimers for Schmucks

    This product is a lighthearted and humorous joke designed to amuse the recipient. By purchasing this product you represent that you are not using them to harass the recipient in any way or for any unlawful purpose. If you are not completely sure the recipient will understand the comedic novelty of this product, do not send. Buyers and recipients must be at least 18 years old.

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