Naval Checkered Commendation Trim

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If you are a consummate costumier, look no further.  

This is a naval checkered commendation trim, used for adornment fabric garments, such as jackets, capes, tunics, and pants.

The commendation trim is assembled in one continuous length, sold by the yard (0.91m / 3ft). 

This reflective faux gold thread contrasts well against bold colors, such as black, tan, brown and maroon fabrics, to give that monster pop for construction of Future-Retro Egyptian apparel to other Horatio Hornblower-esque naval garments.


  • Black and colored woven checker trim.
  • Internal measure (between heat trimmed edges) 3/8in.
  • Sewable to an assortment of fabrics.
  • Sold by the yard. Discounts begin at the 2 yard mark and beyond.
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