Naval Engineer's Rad-Suit Buckle Pair (SOLD OUT!)

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Festoon your rad-suit, other display apparel, or collector's display with this uniquely designed buckle. Sure to give that pop against ivory jumpsuits! 


  • Buckle with solid metal construction, available in polished or dulled chromed finish.
  • Real-world weight mirroring original artifacts.
  • EDELRID-inspired buckle sans engravings or other markings.
  • Meant for display use exclusively. Not load-bearing. 
  • Free gift included for a limited time for orders (to ship in advance and separately of buckles).
  • Free shipping within the U.S.A. for this buckle. Discounted international shipping (added in "Shipping" line item for each order) offered, too!

What'll Ship and When?!

  • Shipping NOW (While Supplies Last): Free Gift (Choice of one [1] of the following: Naval Turn Clasp, 2x Squeaks, 2x Pips, 2x Delta Pip, Multi-Color Commendation Ribbon, or Checkered Commendation Braid)
  • Shipping December 2022/January 2023: Rad-Suit Buckle

    Regarding Non-Refundable Deposits

    *DISCLAIMER: $10.00 USD for each unit is allocated towards a NON-REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT that will be used towards the purchase for your reservation. By purchasing this listing, you are agreeing to forgo any rights to refunding or return of said NON-REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT(s) if you choose in the future to cancel your order(s).

    • For those ONLY putting down the $10.00 USD deposit, it will go towards the full price of each buckle. You will be invoiced for the remaining balance (Undulled option: $60.00 USD minus $10.00 USD Non-Refundable Deposit = $50.00 USD for each pair; Dulled option$70.00 USD minus $10.00 USD Non-Refundable Deposit = $60.00 USD for each pair) plus shipping (if you're outside of the U.S.A.) when the item readied for final fulfillment.

    • For those deciding to pay in full, you are entitled to a refund MINUS the $10.00 USD Non-Refundable Deposit per item should you wish to cancel before the ship-out date. 

    You are encouraged to contact the oracle should you require clarity, or if you wish to bulk-order for your quartermaster centers.