ECV-197 U.S.S. Orville Model and Magazine (The Orville)

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This fantastic ECV-197 Orville ship is a titular ship that serves as the primary setting for The Orville. It is a mid-sized Exploratory-class vessel in the Planetary Union. It was designed for long-distance exploration into uncharted space, with nearly 300 crew members (and their families) living aboard. Washed-up Captain Ed Mercer (Seth McFarlane) leads a crew of colorful characters on their voyage through the stars!

The ECV-197 Orville ship’s interior walls are a synthetic fiber that acts like an artificial plant system, absorbing carbon dioxide and expelling oxygen. Even the ship’s water recycling system is entirely self-sustaining, allowing the Orville to sustain its crew for long voyages without the need to resupply or offload waste.

The ECV-197 Orville ship model captures both the beautifully sleek lines and sophisticated design of the futuristic ship, which stands out with the three curved engine loops at the back.

Product Features:

  • Class: Mid-level Exploratory
  • Affiliation: Planetary Union
  • Length: Approximately 5.3 inches (13.46 cm)
  • Comes with a display stand to display at home or office.

The ECV-197 Orville ship comes with a 16-page full-color magazine that includes a profile of the ship, concept art and behind the scenes of the show.