*SOLD* AMERICAN SNIPER Production-Made Coca-Cola Arabic-English Can Labels

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A set of production-made labels from the 2014 movie American Sniper (starring Bradley Cooper as "U.S. Navy SEAL Chris Kyle" and directed by Clint Eastwood), acquired via a production liquidation.

This vinyl label set features a mix of Arabic and English text, meant to be dressed on prop soda cans, thus aiding to the "real world" nature of the film and the locale depicted therein. Comes as a set of two different labels, with the "rim" printed separately from the main body to account for the slope between the can top and the body. Both labels feature a "silver" sheen to mimic an aluminum can.

Body label measures approximately 8.5in x 3.75in, with the can "slope" label measuring approximately 6in in diameter and 11/16" in width.

Ruler not included, for it is used solely to display the item for pictorial purposes.

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