*SOLD* THE FIVE-YEAR ENGAGEMENT Production Used Hunting Knife & Eye Scope

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A set of production-acquired and modified props from the 2012 American romantic comedy film The Five-Year Engagement, starring Jason Segel ("Tom Solomon") and Emily Blunt ("Violet Barnes"), by writer-director-producer Nicolas Stoller and produced with Judd Apatow and Rodney Rotheman. Props acquired via a production liquidation.

This grouping of props features three pieces: a woodland camo hand-held hunting scope with wrist strap, and a hunting knife with woodland camo handle and nylon sheath with black nylon belt loop, snap-locking holding strap, and a woodland camo print.  

While the props are not screen-matched, they were modified by production given that the hunting knife's blade and hook have been blunted for the safety of the performers. Blade also features weathering on both sides, either from use or by property personnel, to emulate use for its intended purpose.

Hunting scope is a Tasco brand, measuring 4.5in long by 1.25in wide in circumference. 

Hunting knife is from the Buck Pro-Line and features a "gut hook" with all sharp features filed by production, as evidenced by the file lines in the top ridges. Hunting knife itself approximately measures 9.75in in length, 0.75in at widest point, and 1-5/8in at highest point. Accompanying sheath approximately measures 10in in length, 1in at widest point, and 2.75in at highest point.

Ziploc branded resealable polybag with hand-written "PROPS" and "Bill" notation in black marker included, used in the holding of these items, is included along with a misbegotten safety-pin.  

Ruler not included, for it is used solely to display the item for pictorial purposes.

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